Early Swedish Mora clock with original paint and movement

A charming Swedish Mora Clock with its original paint and movement. With its understated form and gentle curves, as with so many Swedish Mora bim bam clocks, it is a piece that exudes quiet beauty.

  • Height 195cm
  • Base width 59cm
  • Base depth 21cm

The Swedish Mora Clock has been a very popular ‘go to’ piece for interior designers for many years now. This is often accredited to the Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson movie Something’s Gotta Give from 2003. The Mora long-case clock has been around for the last 300 hundred years. Originating in central Sweden in the town of Mora. The clock cases were often made by farmers and other agricultural workers to sustain their income through the long winter months in Sweden. The clock movements were then supplied separately by local watch and clock makers.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Is the clock in working order?
A. The movement is the original mechanism with its weights and pendulum. The movement can be restored to bring it back into full working order.

Q. Is it possible to fit an electrical movement?
A. Yes, this is possible at a small cost. The movement is battery powered.

Q. What is the cost of restoring the original wind up movement?
A. This will depend on the amount of restoration work required. Some movements require a simple service. Others may need more involved work.

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