Early 20th century glazed housekeepers cupboard


A striking large housekeepers cupboard with ten doors fully glazed. The cupboard provides for ample storage and serves well as a display cabinet for showing off those favourite kitchen pieces. Why just cook with them when they be can admired for their design and application. This housekeepers cupboard would be equally at home when used as a bookcase. Not just for cook books but for the family’s daily library.

  • Height 2140mm
  • Width 2750mm
  • Depth 345mm

Housekeepers cupboard – multi-purpose storage

The glazed housekeepers cupboard is a type of storage cabinet allowing for the display very often of decorative items. That said, the multi-purpose aspect of the cupboard can be a home to all items in the house or workplace even. When used in the kitchen, showing off those prized copper pans becomes a reality. Alternatively the housekeeper’s cupboard becomes more bookcase than utility cupboard with the occasional pot and pan to set off the mood. This type of cupboard is commonly used in kitchens or dining rooms to store dishes, glassware, and other kitchen essentials while also showcasing them. The glazed doors add a touch of elegance and can help keep dust and dirt away from the items stored inside.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Is the housekeepers cupboard in one piece?
A. The cupboard dismantles into three separate pieces for ease of delivery and installation.

Q. Are the shelves adjustable?
A. Yes. The shelves can be adjusted to a chosen height with the exception of the lower centre shelf.

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