19c French double extending table in fruitwood with breadslide and drawer

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Few pieces of furniture display more French character than a fruitwood country table- their need of elegance, practicality and style come to life in a farmhouse tables- with elegant lines, good proportions, double or single extending, they often feature drawers and breadslides. 
This 19c French double extending table in fruitwood with breadslide and drawer features a very appetizing patina.

19c French secretaire in original paint

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Egyptian scribes are depicted writing while squatting with a roll of papyrus and reed pens in their hands. Many centuries later, in 1500 Italy the first tables specifically designed for writing appeared. Since the clergy were the only people who could read or write until the 17th century, desks were common only in churches- the nobility of the times could not read nor write and therefore had no need for writing furniture.
Around 1650 that wealthy middle classes began to engage in writing and performing their own clerical work and this led to a greater demand for more practical writing furniture.The result was the secretaire – originally designed for the purpose of writing letters by hand. It featured a flap that closed to hide the work and maintain privacy.
This 19c French secretaire/ writing desk/ bureau/ bureau desk/ secretary/ secretary desk features plenty of slots and drawers for storing writing paraphernalia. The flap opens downward to form a large writing surface. In its original paint.

late 18c fruitwood enfilade four door buffet in later paint

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Feng shui fans say it is bad feng shui to have two or more doors directly aligned – which is precisely what an enfilade is about. It seems that the series of rooms , aligned so you can look from one room to another, creates a space that lacks balance and harmony. Interior Designer Stephen Hills tends to differ – ‘An enfilade holds an element of surprise the way a good plot does. It hints at what’s on the horizon and keeps your curiosity up’. 

Since they offer a fantastic view from one room to another, enfilades rooms have been abundantly used in grand houses across Europe until the invention of the hall. Taking their inspiration from this architectural feature, in terms of furniture, an enfilade is a buffet with three or more doors. It is a piece that can be both practical and attractive. 

At the warehouse

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tm_prod129 antiques warehouse - lantiques

Antiques warehouse. A selection of stock can be viewed in this 4,000 square foot area. Large cupboards and tables feature here with pieces in restored and unrestored condition. Clients can specify finishes and discuss any other aspect of the pieces on view.

Inside the shop

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tm_prod123 lantiques shop petworth - lantiques

lantiques shop petworth. A selection of tables displayed on three floors as well as a 4,000 sq ft warehouse 2 miles diovan from Petworth. With buying trips to France twice monthly, we have new stock items arriving each week.

French Architecture

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Balance and symmetry are the ruling characteristics of this formal style. Homes are often brick with detailing in copper or slate. Windows and chimneys are symmetrical and perfectly balanced, at least in original versions of the style.

Interior Deisgn

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interior designers contemporary design harmonising with period setings - lantiques

lantiques is not just about French farmhouse tables, antique tables, armoires and French accutane provincial furniture, lantiques Petworth also combines French provincial furniture and farm tables with contemporary elements to create a mood and look for modern day living.