19c French secretaire in original paint

Written by lantiques.

Egyptian scribes are depicted writing while squatting with a roll of papyrus and reed pens in their hands. Many centuries later, in 1500 Italy the first tables specifically designed for writing appeared. Since the clergy were the only people who could read or write until the 17th century, desks were common only in churches- the nobility of the times could not read nor write and therefore had no need for writing furniture.
Around 1650 that wealthy middle classes began to engage in writing and performing their own clerical work and this led to a greater demand for more practical writing furniture.The result was the secretaire – originally designed for the purpose of writing letters by hand. It featured a flap that closed to hide the work and maintain privacy.
This 19c French secretaire/ writing desk/ bureau/ bureau desk/ secretary/ secretary desk features plenty of slots and drawers for storing writing paraphernalia. The flap opens downward to form a large writing surface. In its original paint.